This document provides the release notes for Iruya 1.0 of StorPerf.

Version history






Iruya 1.0

Mark Beierl

Important notes

Heat stack support is being sunsetted in StorPerf Iruya. Once Kali is released, StorPerf will no longer support the following APIs:

/configurations /quota

Additionally, the stack_name parameter will no longer be used. This also means that all tests must run using IP addresses.


StorPerf is a standalone framework that uses OpenStack to measure Cinder volume performance. If desired, it can push results to the OPNFV Test Results DB, or the embedded Graphite web interface can be used to perform ad hoc queries.

This release provides the ability to use existing servers (virtual or physical) as the targets for workload execution. All that is required is the IP address and the SSH key or username/password for StorPerf to be able to log in and start FIO workloads.

Release Data





Release designation


Release date

Jan 10, 2020

Purpose of the delivery

Regular release

Version change

Module version changes

All modules have been upgraded to use python3.

Reason for version

  • Timed release schedule

Features additions

  • STORPERF-268 Allow user to specify list of IP addresses for StorPerf test




Note: The quotas and configurations apis are being sunsetted with the next release.

Known issues

  • Cirros target VMs do not always mount Cinder volumes on first boot. Sometimes a reboot of the VM is required to properly attach the Cinder volume to /dev/vdb

  • A bug in the linux kernel can prevent Cinder volumes from attaching to VMs using ARM architecture. Specifying the following properties in Glance for the ARM based image will work around this problem. Note: this will cause the device to show up as a SCSI device and therefore will be /dev/sdb instead of /dev/vdb.